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Hello, I'm Brandi! I graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy and I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 8 years. I knew the moment I began my first massage, I had found the perfect field for me. After graduating top of my class, I happily began sharing my passion for the art! I believe Massage Therapy should be a part of everyone's health and wellness plan, it has numerous benefits for your mind, body, and soul!

I enjoy working with each one of my clients, everyone has different goals; from relaxation to pain management. My goal is to customize each session to the client's needs, so they may achieve optimal wellness. My experience in Chiropractor and clinical/spa setting has allowed me to become a well-rounded therapist for my clients.

 I am ready to help you achieve your wellness goals. My mission is to help care for your mind, body, and soul. I strive to help you achieve a higher level of health and sense of well being.


Hello, I'm Jake!

          I graduated from the Soma Intstitue, in Downtown Chicago, December of 2021 after completing the 11 month 600+ credit hour curriculum. Becoming an Illinois Licensed Massage Therapist immediately after. Along with my massage schooling, I have additional education in exercise science, kinesiology and knowledge in overall health & wellness. I started my career, as a LMT in a clinical Chiropractic facility. 

I do this work because I want to help people heal and facilitate recovery from the things that break us down and stress our systems. So we may all be more resilient and available for our life, our aspirations and the people we love. Whether the cause be athletic injury, stressors or daily life, or anything in between, we will develop an approach that suits YOU.


Hi! I’m Maria. I’m a reiki master, medium, and intuitive coach. My journey has been pretty interesting. I’ve worked in many industries: theater, education, retail, restaurants, but none of those really fit. I was a square peg in a round hole, so to speak. Trying to make myself fit into these neat little spaces triggered a lot of anxiety. So I assumed, like so many of us do, that something was wrong with me, but  that has all changed. I decided to get certified in reiki on a whim, but that decision has changed the trajectory of my life completely. I found my passion and purpose. I figured out where I fit. I was already certified as a coach, but as I learned more about my innate abilities as a healer, I was abIe to take that to another level allowing me to tap into energies and create a more customized experience. The results I see in my clients' lives keeps me going. I learn so much from them, and I am able to become a better healer, and a better mom, spouse, sister, daughter, member of my community… I’m a better version of me.

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